I was born on a cold Friday morning, on the 5th of March 1982. I came into this world under ill health and I was rushed to the hospital in Ennis where I underwent care for several weeks supported by an incubator. Tiny, and barely able to fit into the palm of a hand, I was a far cry from the 6ft 3′ broad frame I hold today, on my 36th year of living on this planet. I was so small that the nurses nicknamed me “Tiny Tim” and the name stuck, so my parents named me Timmy. They claimed St Padre Pio brought me through my illness to good health and left a Padre Pio medal by my side.

The also gave me the middle name of Patrick Pio, Patrick after my father and Pio the very saint who was by my side the entire time. I recovered quickly and grew into a small boy who played on the roads and built bonfires and even kissed a girl or two, just like every other kid in the 80s. Sickness was never an issue again. My mother told me this story growing up. I had always felt protected, watched and under healing eyes.


Growing up, I never forgot to pray. It was my comfort. A prayer every night and sometimes in the morning. It was something close to my heart. I felt replenished after praying. I felt like someone, God perhaps had listened to me, and my dreams and requests were slowing coming true. It was my quiet time. Blissfully unaware that much of my prayers were aimed at asking for things, mostly material but other times my requests were to keep my grandparents alive when their health was failing. As I watched them slowly leave the earth I knew my prayers had not been answered. I always had an interest in the higher ground and what was above us or even below us or who was listening to us.

I had a spiritual awakening at the age of 28 when I heard my guardian angel speak to me. He didn’t say much, just his name. I knew nothing about angels. All I knew about was St.Padre Pio who was with me when I was a baby but I had always sensed someone next to me. One night, I asked for the name of my angel, I felt in tune, I felt like I knew an answer was coming and that answer would be correct and rightly so. I heard a mans voice, extremely powerful commanding voice simply said “Michael”. When I opened my eyes I saw a bright flash of light in front of me in the dark room. I wasn’t scared, I just knew this was my guardian angel.


I spent years reading about angels and Michael himself. He is one of the highest Archangels. He is a strong, powerful commanding angel who guards a lot of men. I never heard him speak again but always felt him around me. As I became successful in my career and became a true leader of some sorts, it was him who was pushing me way out into the foreground. At times, when I would feel weak or scared, I would call on him to be next to me and I would feel an overpowering sense of confidence and self-esteem. Prayers soon turned to gratitude as life went by and slowly I began to thank God and Michael for what I had in my life rather than the things I needed.


I have never practised reiki or mindfulness and I rarely meditate, but what I always do, still to this day, is visit the church and have my own time with my angels. I now believe I have three angels around me, Michael, Apollo and Sarah. They are my guides. Along with them and family members who have passed on, I have a wealth of people to call upon during times of fear. Regardless of society’s relationship with the church, it will always be my safe haven.

My favourite church to visit is St.Pauls Cathedral in London. It touches my soul like nowhere else. I instantly feel refreshed and renewed everytime I visit there. Down through the years, I have drawn a lot of healers into my life, all of which I believe have been sent to me for a purpose. Sometimes I smile when I meet someone who I know has healing abilities as I know that this is my angel’s way of telling me that this person is here with me for a reason.

Although angels are all around us, I believe we see them in the physical form too. I believe some public figures have angelic qualities and talents given to them from above as a message to us that they exist. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, David Bowie, Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe are all huge icons of mine. I believe they all possess something angelic within them. Michael Jackson had a talent in him so great that it became almost unhuman and even at the age of 6, he had commanded the attention of the world. Whitney Houston had a voice never heard of before. She had a talent so heavenly, the world watched as she too, became almost unhuman with her voice that it would send people into another world. Princess Diana, I believe touched the heart of the world with her kindness and angelic ways. David Bowie, a master of transformation and art, gripped the world with his at times almost unhuman-like physical appearance, including his transfixing eyes, one blue and one brown, and finally, Marilyn Monroe.

I was 15 when I first saw Marilyn in “Some like it hot”. I was transfixed. She was so unique, so original yet so vulnerable behind her smile and platinum blonde hair. All of these Icons have had tragic lives and untold unhappiness yet the world followed their every move. With the exception of Bowie, all have died young and all have died tragically. They are a reminder that good exists and that their time on earth was never meant to be long, but effective, and we will never see the likes of them all again. Marilyn Monroe’s last ever photo shoot entitled “The last sitting” by Bert stern stands today as being one of the mosy striking, powerful and angelic collection of pictures the world has ever seen, and she will go down in history as a reminder that the world can be a cruel place to good people.


My motto in life is “I don’t lose, I either win or I learn”. At the moment, I am winning. I have learned many many times! I believe the angels can protect us but they can’t tell us what to do, that’s our power. It saddens me when people tell me they don’t believe in an afterlife or the power of angels as they are missing out on so much. With angels, you are never alone.

The point I’m trying to make is that we are all born with an angel to watch over us. Mine was in the hospital that cold Friday morning in 1982 and he still stands beside me even as I write this, I can feel him smiling down on me. No matter how alone or sad you might feel, just close your eyes and ask your angel for help. You never know what can happen. Your dreams might even one day come true!


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