So it’s been a great and productive summer but most of all I’ve been able to relax and work on projects at the same time. Early summer, I shot with photographer Gavin Coughlan in my native County Clare. A wedding shoot with the very beautiful Co Clare model Kate Mc Glennon. Of course one of the best menswear in the county, Patrick Bourkes supplied my suit on the day. I was actually suffering from a very bad and painful broken ankle and had been out of work on rest period but once I commit to a job, I’ll be there broken bones or not! Gavin was such a great photographer that he was so understanding, it just meant throwing the crutch aside and getting the shot done! I also couldn’t lift Kate in the traditional husband and wife shot but hey, it’s make-believe.  In the end, no one could tell and the shots looked amazing, it’s always such a treat to shoot in my home county…..

Two days later, I was down to Cork to model at the Douglas fashion event with Brendan Courtney for Lockdown models. I was completely ignoring the pain in my ankle and just soldiering on through. The buzz and atmosphere of modelling live can oversee anything and even with the early start in the hair salon, Leonards in Douglas, I took the opportunity to relax. I modelled that day for TXmax, Haywards menswear and Tesco clothing all in three separate quick fashion shows in the shopping centre presented by Brendan and fellow lockdown model, Shiv Hayes. It was a busy Saturday afternoon in the Douglas Shopping Centre with plenty of onlookers and audience adding to the atmosphere and buzz of it all. Some pictures for the local press and then it was home time!

The following week, I went to London for almost a month with the day job but I had been booked for the advertising video for the Imperial Hotel in Cork halfway through my work trip, so I made a quick dash home for the two-day shoot. I loved working on this, mostly because my fellow model and on-screen wife, Cork model Paula Price was such a joy to work with. We were playing a couple staying in the beautiful city centre hotel, arriving in a flashy BMW, champagne in the bar, dinner in the restaurant and relaxing in the Imperial penthouse suite. Modelling for the camera is a totally different game, to me, it’s more acting than modelling even though you need to be that character and show the brand to its best potential. Takes are long and days are drawn out but it was so much fun and I had a great crew to work with. We must have retaken the dinner scene in the restaurant about 50 times and my cheeks were sore from smiling! In the end, the video looked amazing!

A quick dash back to London to see out my work trip but there was no rest for the wicked and the day I flew back, I was off to Ardgillan Castle to shoot for Irish designer, Carina Cunningham for Cherie Styling Studio. This shoot was manic! I had modelled twice before for Carina so I was familiar with her quirky designs with a gothic spin. The castle was taken over with models, photographers, make-up artists and hairdressers. Many of the models, I had worked with before during Top Model Ireland and it was lovely to see them go on with their careers after the contest, which was way back in January. Many of the photographers there I had also worked with in the past, some lovely familiar faces like Grant Mc Donald and Des O Neill, both, always a pleasure to shoot with. The day was hot and clammy and with almost 30+ photographers all trying to get the shot, it was massively busy but all this just adds to the buzz of the modelling world.

In August, I had the pleasure to work with a team of American photographers who came to Ireland to shoot Irish models in various locations around the country. Kelly Scheinder, the chief director had contacted me via online, a year previous enquiring if I would shoot with them, I loved the idea. I get contacted by a lot by photographers to shoot with them however, I’m incredibly picky. I know where there are gaps in my portfolio and if a photographer has an idea that excites me or fills this gap, I’ll work with them and Kelly’s images looked amazing. He shoots fine conceptual art images, nothing I had done before and he was bringing with him a team of photographers so this was a unique opportunity to shoot with some photographers I had never met before. Different styles and ways of shooting excites me. Anyone can model, it’s the craft of a good photographer that makes them a good model! These guys were fantastic and a pleasure to work with. We shot two full days, day one in Hore Abbey in Cashel and day two in St Stephens Green until we were removed by the park police for creating the hype! It was a real “pinch me” moment as a full crew of photographers armed with the best equipment shot me in various spots and positions, it was also great to shoot with fellow top model Ireland models, Noel Gannon and Alan Gorman.

As summer closed, I teamed up with Top Model Ireland boss, Audrey O Neill and headed down to Cork to film Cork Live. A Facebook TV channel that goes live to its audience every Monday. Audrey was on to talk about Top Model Ireland plans for next year. I’m honoured to announce that I am the male model coach and trainer this year for aspiring models. It’s all kept very under wraps at the minute, however, an announcement is coming soon so keep tuned!

I’ve just finished a shoot with the talented Rob Laird, who, I’ve wanted to shoot with for months. His work is fantastic and has always interested me. He shoots in Gels which adds beautiful light to the picture, I’ve had some pictures back and they are on a whole different level. It’s so important as a model, to keep going up that level and keeping it fresh and cool and interesting. I feel Rob certainly did that. Of course, it’s not always work with me and on that day I was on the way to Cork to celebrate Cork Pride with my buddies and switch off model mode, which I certainly did! It was a short shoot done in under an hour and one of my favourite shoots this whole year.

This week, I did a quick advertising shoot for Jameson Whiskey which will be aired in Germany. It was shot at the Big Grill Festival in Dublin. It was a lot of fun but drinking whiskey at 10 am was a hard call believe me! When I left the shoot at lunchtime, the extras were getting louder with the free drink all morning! A lot of fun was had and will air in Germany over the coming months

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